Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thing have been rather hectic lately. I'm convinced I have an undiagnosed condition in which I cannot keep a clear calendar no matter how tired I am. And of course I have a husband who fully supports my medical issues and casts aside my concerns of addiction since, he too, is a social butterfly. So, seeing an empty calendar for this evening, I quickly hooked up with Leslie for happy hour at Taco Mac (I also fear I have a medical condition in which I need to see that girl at least once a week - I swear it's true) and then found a restaurant down the street from us that is having sake tasting this evening.

I also, in the last 24 hours, bought tickets for a Braves game on Tuesday night, RSVP'ed for an evening at the Botanical Gardens on Thursday night, secured lunch plans for tomorrow, and finalized volunteering plans for Chastain's 4th of July festival. Thank goodness I have enough control over this horrible illness to make sure to get some volunteering in as well.

As a side note: is it bad that Viking Cooking School sent me the class schedule for their kids camp and it sounds like more fun than anything I could have imagined?

As another side note: Tyler Florence should never be allowed near Twitter again after this gem: "Fellas', My Mac and Cheese will have your girl scratching the wall like a cat in heat." Enough said.

Regardless of the fact my evening is filled with alcohol (what else do you do when it's 96 degrees out?), it should be a good way to spend the evening. MF Sushi has probably the best sushi I've ever eaten, and I'm a huge fan of sake. My husband hates sake, so he's on his own. I may actually leave him in the car. I'd leave him at home, but someone has to drive me around.

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