Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow..I've been rather absent in September. This entire month has been crazy from start to finish and OMG I can't believe October is already here. From fundraisers to floods (you did see the Atlanta floods...right?!) to everything in between, it's been quite the month.

Weight Watchers and I broke up. I am sad to was a friendly breakup, but the cause of our parting is because I was swooned by Jillian Michaels. We went out for drinks, and one thing led to another and now she is kicking my butt with the most amazing circuit training and diet regimine I've had in a long time. I have a personal trainer and nutritionist named Deborah who is simply amazing, and I feel great. I'm down 3 lbs so far in the first week and my body is taking rather well to all this exercise. With my schedule, I'm able to get my exercise in during my lunch hour, and thankfully no one in my office minds when I come back to work all flushed and out of breath. We may be on to something here.

Outside of juggling work, school, housework, and my diet/exercise plan..well there's not much left. Sundays have become our day to unwind and catch up over some great football. We've become HUGE Falcons fans since buying our season tickets, and we are actually heading to Charlotte next month to cheer on the Falcons as they play on the road against Carolina. It should be a blast. Besides the fact I usually have 6-8 hours of homework to do on the weekends, we are glued to the TV.

As a side note..EVERYONE I know (except for the lovely Mrs. McBride I must say) is procreating!

Been doing a lot of planning for the future. I am so glad I married someone who is as big of a planner as I am. I love planning makes the time it takes to get there go by so much quicker! Hopefully the next few months go by like a blur...kind of like the last few months already have.

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