Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why hello stranger

It's been quite a while since I've been on here. I can explain. It mostly has to do with (1) working full time (2) getting my MBA on a mostly-full time pace (3) studying for my PHR exam (4) training for a 10k (5) that whole "I am forced to pay attention to my diet and exercise for my entire life so I don't turn into a squishy donut" thing (6) an epic battle with the flu (7) planning our second annual Sweetwater fundraiser for the MS Society (8) the loving husband, my long dogs, and the fact the house never stays clean and the dishes never wash themselves.

I sure keep my plate full. I have had a lot of success with my running as of late and am up to 4 miles. Let's forget about my 5 AM run this morning that felt like death and I only went 3 miles at a 12:40 pace, shall we? Other than that, I'm feeling great. I have flagged a 10k in April that I want to run, so having that looming over me is a plus. It's getting frustrating at how MUCH time it takes to run (about 45 minutes for 4 miles right now...I know I'm slow as molasses) and how little time I have to run it in with all my other obligations. I think after the 10k I am going to keep my mileage in check and pick up something else. I want to do a half marathon, but I can't keep increasing my mileage (and therefore time commitment) until I'm done with school. There's just no time. I'm thinking about maybe swimming. Who knows. Let's get the 10k under me, dance around with a sense of accomplishment, and then check my calendar to see how much time I have before my next appointment.

The weight is hanging in there too. Down 10lbs since I started and I have mini-muscles for the first time in a long time. My butt and legs have been very happy with all the running, which makes my jeans happy. It's all a happy-fest. It's just a big time commitment. I've come to the sad conclusion that I will have to track my food, sweat like a pig, and wear a heart rate monitor for the rest of my life just to keep up. Thanks Dad :)

School is insane, but moving along. I graduate in December (YAY!!!). I was convinced by a few trusted HR friends and professors that I need to take my PHR (Professional in HR designation) before I graduate. Basically, I need to take it before June or I can't take it for 5 years. Stupid system. So yea..three MBA classes AND a PHR to study for - I think 2010 is going to kill me.

But....we go to the Bahamas in 3 weeks. That is about all that is keeping me sane right now. Event season is about to start (read: my weekends will be consumed by work from March - May), midterms are around the corner, and I swear we couldn't have planned this trip at a better time if we tried. I'm about ready to drop dead. I think tall nonfat caramel macchiatos are about the only thing keeping me going. And I'm pretty okay with that right now.

Recap of my run this AM here.

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