Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slime...green slime

Ugh, so the run yesterday was tough. I felt like I was running in slime the whole time. And not just any slime, but the green slime that got dumped on little children on Nickelodeon all those years ago. THAT SLIME. My ankles and calves were screaming the entire time and after 3 miles, which conveniently placed me back in front of my house, I went inside, defeated. But hey, pace was good and I'm glad I got out there. Heading out again today, and then Jillian Michaels' Yoga Burn level 2 and kickboxing tomorrow.

I've decided I am going to do the P90x system starting April 1st. We got through a few weeks of it the end of last year, but never more. I pick up the DVDs once and a while for a quick cardio session or some yoga for something different, but Tony Horton and that crazy russian woman who can do 600 pullups have been calling to me. I plan on going through the schedule and finding ways to incorporate my running training in some of the "easier" days, and we'll see how that goes. I just need a new challenge that doesn't involve running, and hopefully this is it. I will probably babble about my experience if for no other reason than to hold myself accountable. From April through July, Tony and I will be BFFs.

I also follow a wonderfully inspiring blogging couple, Kristen and Cory, who have gotten into Crossfit. I'm not at that point yet, but Crossfit endorses a Paleto diet, and Kristen and Cory are on the diet for the month of March. I am debating doing it for a week if I can scour enough information online about it. Sounds pretty simple: fruits, veggies, lean meats and fish. No salt, dairy, sugar, carbs (outside of the fruits/veggies), starches. I may use it as a detox sort of thing. They seem to be doing well with it and are seeing improvements in how they feel and how their workouts are going. It's peaked my interest.

Details on the run here.

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