Thursday, April 15, 2010

Food Charts and Trends

So I've been tracking my food diligently for the last six months on Livestrong. I love the ease of the program, and the iPhone app is great. However, until I started posting my stats on my blog and started focusing on my percentages, I never really looked at the trends of my eating. I always look at the day as it progresses, tweaking what I will eat based on where I stand at that moment.

So I went back and did some analysis, and I was pretty surprised at what I found.(Click here for the graphs). The red lines are the recommended daily allowances scaled down to my personal selection of 1200 calories per day. My net calories (calories consumed - calories burned) is pretty much in line as well as my fat and sodium intakes. I always am exceeding my protein requirement as well which makes me happy. My carb intake could use a little focus, but isn't that far off base.

However, my sugar, fiber, and cholesterol figures are consistently out of whack. The sugar is the most concerning, as my biggest diet success was with South Beach, which severely limits sugar intake. My cholesterol I'm not super concerned about, since with the scaled versions, one egg puts me over my daily intake. I'm going to be focusing much more on the whole picture and the trend of my food instead of just the day to day. It's been an eye opener.

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