Monday, April 26, 2010

Rest Week

So this has been a rest week for P90x, which includes nothing but yoga, stretching, and an odd (but good) collection of moves called Core Synergistics. I've also taken a few days off of running after the 10k, but did sign up for the Big Peach 5k that is this weekend. Goal is to finish in 33 minutes.

Went out for a hard, 1.5 mile tempo run at 10 minutes per mile. I wasn't feeling up to the run in the first place, and it was hard. Not sure which came first, my bad mood towards the run or how hard it was to do, but either way I wasn't happy with it. Of course I was happy with the pace and time, but still. Hoping to get out of that funk soon and hoping it's not an indication of over-training.

Keep tossing around the idea of showing up to a running group soon, but with school never-ending, there is always a lot of excuses. I'll have to see. I'm starting to feel I need to run more with a group to push myself and not just "phone it in" when I run by myself. Doing two interval sessions on Tuesday and Thursday today to help get my legs ready for the quicker 5k, and then heading into one interval session and one long session per week as P90x picks back up and the Peachtree gets closer.

Details of the run here.

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