Wednesday, May 12, 2010

iPhone Workout

So on a whim I downloaded the THI Personal Trainer app for my iPhone. Tonight is Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals for the Stanley Cup (read: I am the biggest Pittsburgh Penguins fan EVER), so I knew I wouldn't be able to get my P90x workout in since I slept in this morning. The app is pretty cool - a ton of preloaded circuit training workouts that time each move for you, has videos demonstrating the moves, and a built-in log for you to track your reps and weight. I really enjoyed it. I felt super strong in the gym today - a marked increase from the last time I did non-P90x training.

Here's what I did (total time - 30 minutes):
5 minutes warmup - elliptical
10 pushups
10 walking lunges
Squat rows (10 reps at 40lbs)
Alternating shoulder presses (10 reps at 20 lbs)
3 minutes rest
Overhead squat (10 reps at 20 lbs)
Squat with shoulder press (12 reps at 10 lbs)
Alternating bench press (7 reps at 20 lbs)
Side step ups (14 reps)
Seated row (12 reps at 50 lbs)
2 minutes jumping rope
Leg curls (8 reps at 20 lbs)
Chest flies (12 reps at 10 lbs)
Back rows (8 reps at 35 lbs)
Anterior lateral shoulder raises (8 reps at 10 lbs)
5 minutes cooldown - elliptical

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