Friday, April 9, 2010

Gains and Losses

Pushed myself super hard last night for Chest & Back. Maybe it was the fact we worked out in the evening instead of first thing in the morning (Tony Horton does little to motivate me at 6 am), but I increased my pushups and pull-up reps by 20% across the board. Add an increase of 60 ab moves during Ab Ripper X from last week and you've got a girl who feels pretty good about herself.

Took my measurements today for the 1 week check in. Weight was the same, but lost a full inch off my waist, half inch off my chest and hips, and increased in my bicep by half an inch. A few other increases sprinkled in there (I don't have the figures in front of me) and I am a happy camper.

Plyometrics was today and I was exhausted and my arms and back felt like lead. However, I was able to wake up, get moving, and finish the DVD without a problem. Interested to see how my calves feel - they were super tight after Plyo last week.

I have to work all weekend so Arms & Shoulders is going to have to be done about 10 pm tomorrow night after having worked since 4 AM. That should be fun. Yoga will also have to be late on Sunday after a third long day of manual labor. Oh well, I committed. Looking forward to a run on Tuesday. I'm not sure I'll be able to drag myself out of bed on Monday morning to do a run before work and classes until 10 pm. I am realistic..albeit a little crazy.

Food Breakdown 04.08.10

Net Cals 1252 (cals consumed: 1702 cals burned: 450)
Fat 64 g
Cholesterol 473 mg
Sodium 2557 mg
Carbs 165 g
Sugars 73 g
Fiber 19 g
Protein 119 g

Carbs 38.55%
Protein 27.80%
Fat 33.64%

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 2

So after two days off, we're back to P90x today. The first three weeks are repeats of each other, followed by a 'rest' week of mostly core work and yoga, and then we move into another combination of workouts for the next three weeks. Things have been crazy in my neck of the woods, so we're working out this afternoon after work instead of this morning. Can I say I'm looking forward to it? Gasp!

I've been working with my nutritionist to figure out ways to cut down my carb percentages. I've been hovering around 45-50% and that's too high for me. I will be updating my weight and my measurements tonight on my P90x excel sheet, even though the husband complains they want you to weight/measure yourself too often.

Outside of the fact that my diet/fitness is a part time job, I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying the change of pace and am actually looking forward to getting back to running with a vengance once P90x is over. I have my first 10k coming up this weekend, and I haven't run more than 4 miles in the last two weeks at one time, but I'm confident I will be fine. My endurance has really taken me by surprise (in a good way!) so hopefully my confidence will carry me through those last few miles. It's all an experience.

Monday, April 5, 2010

P90x Day 5

So I've discovered the weakest part of my body is my calves. Since plyometrics on Friday (which I kicked ass in by the way) my calves have been so tight and sore I look retarded getting out of bed in the morning. Saturday was Arms and Shoulders which was a great workout, but I need to buy some heavier weights. We also took the dogs hiking in Sweetwater Creek State Park for about 4 miles which was a lot of fun.

Sunday we woke up, ran 5k, did the Yoga X, and the Ab Ripper X from yesterday. Even all the yoga didn't fix my calves. Today was Legs and Back..another great workout. My legs are tired today, but not totally burned out. Tomorrow is our long run day in lieu of Kempo and then Wednesday is our rest day. Who hoo! Week one is almost in the bag!

Food Breakdown 04.04.10

Happy Easter!

Net Cals 558 (cals consumed: 1612 cals burned: 1054)
Fat 57 g
Cholesterol 652 mg
Sodium 2376 mg
Carbs 181 g
Sugars 66 g
Fiber 13 g
Protein 95 g

Carbs 44.77%
Protein 23.50%
Fats 31.73%

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Food Breakdown 04.03.10

Net Cals 885 (cals consumed: 2013 cals burned: 1128)
Fat 45 g
Cholesterol 281 mg
Sodium 1862 mg
Carbs 236 g
Sugars 113 g
Fiber 12 g
Protein 116 g

Carbs 52.07%
Protein 25.59%
Fats 22.34%