Monday, April 5, 2010

P90x Day 5

So I've discovered the weakest part of my body is my calves. Since plyometrics on Friday (which I kicked ass in by the way) my calves have been so tight and sore I look retarded getting out of bed in the morning. Saturday was Arms and Shoulders which was a great workout, but I need to buy some heavier weights. We also took the dogs hiking in Sweetwater Creek State Park for about 4 miles which was a lot of fun.

Sunday we woke up, ran 5k, did the Yoga X, and the Ab Ripper X from yesterday. Even all the yoga didn't fix my calves. Today was Legs and Back..another great workout. My legs are tired today, but not totally burned out. Tomorrow is our long run day in lieu of Kempo and then Wednesday is our rest day. Who hoo! Week one is almost in the bag!

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